- Winter Series 2016

These are FUN Family Events to cure that “Cabin Fever” syndrome while exercising and indulging at the same time.  As a family you will either ski, snowshoe or enjoy great food around a designated Nordic course via tiki torches to 6 - 8 designated bonfires.  Each bonfire will be a sponsoring restaurant from the area which will provide one of their trademark entrees, beverages and/or desserts for your family.  As you progress through the stations you will of course enjoy campfires and beautiful scenery.

  1. Nordic Nibbles - See you in 2017
  2. Newport Winter Carnival Yankee Luau - Monday Feb. 8, 2016, Newport, NH Common 5:30pm (100th Annual Winter Carnival)
  3. Full Moon Fiesta - Saturday, January 23, 2016 6:00pm-8:00pm Storrs Hill Ski Area - 60 Spring Street in Lebanon, NH - 10th Annual
  4. Howl at the Moon -TBA
Sample Menu:
  • Hot Beverages: Hot Cider, Hot Chocolate
  • Appetizers: Crab Cakes, Spring Rolls, Warm Breads, Soups
  • Main Courses: Lasagna, Meat Entree, Vegetarian Entree, Chili, Burritos, BBQ, Chowders, etc
  • Desserts: Apple Crisp, Cobblers, Cakes, Pies, Sweet Breads, Ice Cream, SMORES
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